Cellphone wallpapers were available on Barbie Girls and featured three designs, landscape and portrait.


Basic DesignsEdit

One wallpaper featured Barbie standing in front of the Barbie Girls background with the logo next to her. Another featured Barbie standing in front of the Barbie Girls map with the logo to the top left, with a caption that read, "A fab virtual world designed by Barbie!".

Advanced DesignsEdit

The final cellphone wallpaper has a more advanced design. It has the Barbie Girls logo to the top, and said "It's ALL about fashion, fun & friendship!" There were avatars in the middle. From left-to-right:

  • The Valentine's Day avatar had pink hair and wore a "I Heart My Crush" t-shirt with a red skirt and heart bag.
  • The Camping avatar had a short brown bob hairstyle with a white headband. She wore a purple shirt, plaid scarf and black leggings, and had a pink briefcase-style bag.
  • The Generic Cheerleader avatar had blonde plaits, and wore a cheerleading outfit with a black-and-white jacket. She had pom-poms as accessories.
  • The Wild Fashionista avatar had a brown bob hairstyle with white chopstick, a pink Wild Fashionista dress, and a pink bag.
  • The Barbie avatar.
  • The Generic Rocker avatar had pink hair in plaits, and she wore headphones, a pink and white strapless top, and a black tutu. She had a pink bag.
  • The Bee Halloween Costume avatar had a bee headband and bee costume, and she had short black hair.